Hammocks have been part of the Brazilian culture for many centuries, mainly in the Ceara region. Hammocks are not just for leisure but are part of everyday life. They say that Ceara people are born and die in a hammock.

The quality of the cotton used, the tight weaving, the stonger stitching and the larger amount of end strings are all very good reason to pick a true Brazilian hammock over a "Brazilian style" hammock made in China.


The best way to lye on a hammock is at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees, depending on the width of your hammock. This way you keep the hammock open, you can enjoy the vue and the brise but the most important is that you can get your back straight with no pressure point. A pure bliss.

I offer Brazilian hammocks in 3 sizes;

The INDIVIDUAL: 140cm wide. The perfect size to take with you camping or at the park.

The DOUBLE: 160 cm wide. People up to 6 ft tall will fall asleep in no time on this hammock. Or maybe you prefer to cuddle with that special person.

The QUEEN SIZE: 170 cm means even more comfort or precious time with the family.



Brazilian hammocks can be machine washed in lukewarm water. But make sure that end loops are tied together to avoid tangling. Put the hammock in a bag or a pillow cover.

Of course no bleach an let dry outside. Always make sure that your hammock is completely dry before storing.


As a general rule, trees or post have to be at a distance of 85% to 90% the total length of the hammock, the height being half of the hammock length. If the distance is longer you just have to install hooks,ropes or tree straps higher. 

The hammock have to make a nice smile and be at roughly 18" from the ground.

And before buying a hammock made in China think about the Uyghurs