Spreader bar hammocks


These hammocks have a wood bar at each end to keep the hammock open at all time. The main advantage of these hammocks is that it is easier for 2 persons to use it at the same time. They are also nice looking in a backyard or a garden but, if you want to sleep in your hammock and not just spend some short period of time in it, hammocks without spreader bars are more comfortable. The bars are made of hardwood and cover with varnish. 2 types of spreader bar hammocks, also called wood hammocks, are available.


Rope spreader bar hammocks are still today the most popular in the USA. Well established hammock manufacturers like Hatteras hammocks and Pawleys Island hammocks have a lot to do with that situation since they have been producing rope hammocks since 1889 for Pawleys Island and 1971 for Hatteras hammocks. Unfortunately ropes hammocks are not all comfortable. The main problem comes from the big ropes used to weave the hammocks that are so far apart that you may end up with rope burns and waffle marks on your skin. The answer to that problem is to get the hammock with the tightest weave. You want the most comfortable and weather resistant rope hammock there is ? Get yourself a CARIBBEAN jumbo made with soft spun polyester.


Fabric spreader bar hammocks offer a smooth surface that won't produce skin marks but they can be quite unstable with stiff fabrics like Textilene and polyester. Quilted hammocks are made of poly-fill between 2 layers of  fabric and we like the one made in the USA by a cooperative in Virgina.

  • Rope hammocks with a tight weave are much more comfortable then the regular open ones.  Mayan cotton hammocks are a very good choice if you do not leave them outside when not in use.
  • The best exterior rope hammocks are the CARIBBEAN and the Canadian BOUGAINVILLE
  • Softer fabric will produce a more stable and less dangerous hammock.